Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why I believe in yoga

Flexibility is what keeps objects from snapping.  Enormous buildings are designed to be able to fluidly move with high winds or shaking ground.  If they weren't we wouldn't have any skyscrapers.  Yoga keeps our bodies flexible it keeps them moving.  It keeps our minds flexible and open to new paths.

I don't yoga as often as I'd like.  The computer pulls me in at night, my bed pulls me in in the morning, and Stori's naps are almost always for Zane and Mom time.  Although, those are just excuses anyway to be real.  I could make the time; we make the time for what matters.  Like unschooling our kiddos.  ;-)  Fortunately my past experience with yoga and my continual practice of the mental techniques in yoga have kept me somewhat flexible.

We're not unschooling.

Selfishly, I pout and I sad-face.  I really REALLY want to.  I want to be that family who does.  I want to be that Mom who does.  But, Zane doesn't want to and that's clear in a way that he doesn't even understand.  I'm a pretty darned open kinda' lady.  I like to be truthful and while I do have boundaries I also embrace the idea of opening up to the genuine nature of humanity and our human experiences.  I HATE closed doors and I HATE masks and I HATE facades.  I know we ALL have them, but that doesn't mean I dislike them any less.  While my first instinct at this time is to share all the details of our family's past two weeks, it's not just my details.  It's Zane's, Stori's, Jon's, and mine.  It's not my place to give away very intimate details that belong to someone else, so there's not too much more I can say.  Sorry.

What I can say is this...  While I don't want to walk Zane to school on August 18th, I will because that's what he needs.  I'd have been spending the last two months (or so) blowing a bunch of steaming horse-shit up your noses  if I didn't take a moment to recognize what Zane needs and what he's asking for then follow through on that.  This unschooling stuff is my deal, this is my desire.  Ultimately, of course, I think it's great for kids and I'm passionate about it, but the very basis of it all is hearing, respecting, and living up to providing what our kids need at any given time in their development.  So, in that sense I'm still living the theories of it all and like I said before, Jon and I have approached his interests in this way all along.  We'll continue to do that for him, as well as Stori.

So...  I'm going to keep blogging, because I enjoy it.  So there! :-P

What new thing do I have to say?  I feel blessed.  Like I said a lot has happened the last couple of weeks in our family.  Throughout it, some friends made us some meals which was AWESOME!  I've never had anyone make me meals before when going through something "big" in life.  IT.WAS.SO.COOL.  Coming home after exhausting days (part of which included myself having an emergency appendectomy, but that wasn't even close to the toughest thing that week) and having a wonderful, nutritious homemade meal full of goodness that I just had to heat up was awesome!  I also had a friend bring me fudge(YUM!), friends and family help with childcare, and a nice visit from a friend to just keep me company.  Awesomeness.  So grateful, so blessed, so ready to pay it forward!

Blessing part two: a friend's oldest daughter is in the hospital with some sort of terrible, mystery virus.  Please pray for her, or chant, or energize, or think, or whatever you do.  Well, she also has a brand new little bug at home.  As any of you could imagine, spending the night in the hospital is hard to do with ANY child, let alone two.  But, little bug is a little, bitty bug and isn't accepting bottles, as she prefers to nurse.  This friend and I have conversed a little about my wishes to be a wet-nurse before and she reached out to me today to see if I could help her out by taking little bug for the night so she could spend the night with her sick daughter, in the hospital just focusing on her.  YES!  THAT, my friends, is community.  THAT is knowing and recognizing that people care and not being too scared to ask for help, even when that help is something that many would nay-say.  Unfortunately, I am day two of a head cold and am certain I'm still contagious.  Clearly, we're not trying to infect this family with anything more than they're already dealing with and I'm bummed-beyond what I can express to you-that I couldn't follow through for her tonight.  The blessing is still there though.  Through my talking about things that I think really matter and can make a big difference in the world, EVEN IF they make people uncomfortable, I inspired a woman to know she had somewhere to go, someone to lean on during a very difficult experience.  <3<3<3<3  Some may think it odd to picture their baby nursing at the breast of another woman, but I think it odd to picture myself and my child not being provided what we need because of social norm.

Lesson:  Share what you've got.  Period.  :-)


  1. (((hugs))) mama. Keep living the philosophy, supporting Zane and taking it one day at a time.

  2. I can relate on the unschooling Mama! Well I wanted to homeschool, but my daughter refused it...in fact she would break into tears when I mentioned it. She wanted to go to school...so I let her and now I feel so lucky to have found a Nature and Science School just miles from our home...I also believe in homeschool and unschool, but some times you need to listen to your kiddos! You rock Mama!!

  3. Likewise. Unschooling is my ideal, but I had to recognise that that's just what it is: MY ideal. It was difficult to reconcile myself to school at first because in the early kindergarten/prep year my daughter hated it, and I kept her home as much as she wanted. But this year she ADORES it - she has her permanent teacher who will be with her for 6 years, and who she totally 'clicks' with - we're at a Steiner (Waldorf) school. So I sigh, and do the school run, and make cut lunches, and try not to fantasise about freedom too much! After all, who knows what's around the corner!

  4. I couldn't have asked for better support, here! Thanks ladies! It's tough, especially with school supply shopping only a week or so away... On the other hand, I LOVE working in his school, spending time there, and getting to know people there.