Friday, December 31, 2010

Peace out first decade of 2000

It's been real, as I say.  :-)  10 years since everyone was convinced the numbers wouldn't switch over on computers and thus would begin the spontaneous combustion of all living things on planet earth.  I'm willing to bet people still have bottles of water from 1999.

In ten years, I've graduated from high school, road tripped across the country, had my car stolen, found a whole new way of living, got my stolen car back, got knocked up, graduated massage school, found yoga, drank too much, went on a self-discovering binge, moved to colorado, fell madly in love, broke a couple hearts, kicked ass in a "real" job, stopped drinking, had a baby, stopped working, started home schooling.

Those are just the big highlights.  Fortunate me.  I've spent most of these past ten years with Zane, who has helped me grow up, pretty much at the same rate as him.  Fortunate him.

The past year, alone, has brought wonderful things my way.  I've done a lot of healing on my heart and that's been a little tiring, but I like it!  I've learned to cook better than ever before.  Learned more about food than ever before.  I've started the back-end work on a business.  I've worked on a PTA and got nominated for a board position, which I turned down.  I've forgiven people and decided to not forgive others.  I've carried guilt and I've released habits.  I've "met" Moms all over the country online who I adore and who teach me more than my Mom did.  I thanked the Moms from my childhood and adolescence.  I quit breastfeeding.  Forever.  I shared my views.  I worked on empathy and communication with others.  I managed a budget.  I did not manage my relationship with food.  I quit drinking coke.  I learned to ski-ish.

Lots and lots of things.  A good year, it has been.

I asked Zane what were his favorite things of 2010 and he wrote a list.  IT is on paper, but I'll put it here for you.  I was surprised at what he put.  I thought there would be big, monumental things.  But, I love his everyday sense of simplicity.  It is as follows: fun, snow, rain, sun, toys, legos, cars, figures, toy station, mcdonald's, walmart, illinois, science center


I asked Stori the same question and she said: Happy Birthday.  I said, "anything else?"  She said: Happy Birthday.  Seeing as this has been the theme for a couple of weeks now, I find it fitting.  She learned the joy of birthday and she learned to sing Happy Birthday.  I say that fits. :-)

I'm off now, to play with my kids and enjoy some shrimp that didn't come from China!  :-D

I hope all the best for us, and you, in 2011.  Here's getting off to a good start!!

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