Monday, February 14, 2011

You know what's been happening?

A lot.  Has happened.

Backtrack...  I said peace out to 2010.  Then, I started working out.  No, I'm not a January gym-fly.  Here's how this beauty arrived in my lap (many thanks to Universe for always providing).  My in-laws got this Groupon deal for a 5 week program with this thing called Fit Body Boot Camp.  My MommaRoot's back started giving her problems and so she didn't feel it was safe or good timing to go.  So, my PapaRoot asked me if I wanted her Groupon.  After teasing him a bit about why I would NEED that I gladly accepted.  Not knowing anything about what I was getting into, except that it has "boot camp" in the name.  We had to go to an orientation to start out safely and understand what to expect and such.  In the email it said something about taking "before" pictures and to bring a swimsuit.  Enter: anxiety.  Really?  Swimsuit with my PapaRoot?  Much love to my family, but ya know... some things are just a bit uncomfortable.  :-/  I threw it in my purse and figured I'd opt out if it was public and opt in if it were private.  On the way there, with all his brilliance, PapaRoot points out that allowing someone else your pictures before you know if you believe in what they do is kinda'

Now I can't stop talking about how awesome this is!  Irony...  I'd give them my picture in half a second if it let them help another person feel as good as it is helping me to feel. I don't think I've lost any weight.  I haven't followed the nutrition plan very well at all, because I have super sugar issues.  But I have added lots of protein to my days and increased my fish oil intake 3-fold.  Again, my pants are just as tight as they were in December.  But, I FEEL GREAT!  Today, I even did a push up.  A full push up.  This has been a goal of mine for a couple of years and here it is.  Last week we did the same exercises we did today and I was moaning and groaning and throwing a darn fit during the last push up hold.  Guess that weak, lazy, Shannon was dying.  Cause today, I brought the heat.  THEN, felt so inspired to try to do a full push up hours after boot camp.  AND I DID IT!!!!!

Please, clap louder!  I'll take it!  I feel like a rockstar.  From ONE push up.  Corny website, but amazing workouts!  I also lucked out with a great trainer.  No intimidating body builder ego dude here.  Just a dude who knows his stuff and knows how to motivate people (like Korn from the 90's) :-)

Right smack in the middle of my 5 week trial, one of my wisdom teeth got infected.  I've been avoiding getting these bad boys out for a couple of years.  Initially because I was terrified of anesthesia, then because I was scared of dry socket and I smoked and I knew I wouldn't go several days without smoking.  Then, I went back again in November (after having emergency surgery last summer I knew the anesthesia was okay and I quit smoking a year and a half ago) to do another consult and make a plan.  Eh, our copay was just under $300 and part of the root of one of my bottoms was in the nerve and I was nervous of nerve damage.  So, I avoided it again.

Apparently my mouth gave me the finger, because that infection hurt more than anything I've ever experienced before (in fact, I'm planning/hoping/thinking of a post JUST about that pain and why women NEED to childbirth naturally).  I called the oral surgeon with a quickness, begged for antibiotics (okay they gave them to me right away with no problem) and made an appointment to deal with my fear.  We didn't have the money, but I knew and had the utmost faith in Universe and I made the date for just a few days away.  I borrowed some money from my sister for the first time ever.  Please allow me to express to you the humiliation involved in that!?!?  And between what she loaned us and the available credit on two cards we managed.  I called the day before surgery and paid over the phone because the idea of paying with three separate credit cards in front of others was just too much for me.

Speaking of which, did you watch Sex and The City?  The show...  There's an episode where Carrie is talking about being broke and having stress with money, but you know she has this shoe fetish.  So, she used multiple cards to pay for some new Manolos.  I just kept telling myself, I'm going into debt for my health, NOT SHOES!  Thank you, SATC, for helping me get through that!

Anyway, I got the darn teeth out, was higher than I've been since I was in my early twenties, and I.GOT.DRY.SOCKET in two holes!!!  WTF!?  What are the darn chances?  Ugh.  It was a couple weeks of hell.  Pain, hopelessness, no energy, crappy soft food, not doing things with my kids, poor sleep, etc.  Just rough.  So glad that's done!

My birthday came and went (mid-wisdom-tooth issues).  I was supposed to fly a plane on my birthday, but couldn't because my teeth were ill and I was on narcotics.

Zane and I painted the majority of his room blue.  I fought my OC stuff while that happened and talked myself down from the ledge each time I wanted to show him how to do it "right" and instead allowed him to have fun painting his own room.  Well, the first day anyway.  The second day he was swinging the roller around, not watching where he was walking, and generally bored.  That day wasn't as fun. :-(  Next up, planets and light sabers.  I'm really stoked about doing his room.  I did Stori's quite a while ago, but have been trying to find the right thing for Zane's and he came up with this idea that I have the ability to pull off.  Whew!

Lastly, Jon and I have been having fun with Sexperiment 2011!!  Oh my.  Today is day 5 and there's been one day where it was a push to make it happen.  And it wasn't something I was excited to do.  But, you know... when the show begins the fun begins as well.  It's been a fun experience for us.  To make ourselves carve out time every day.  This is a trial for any marriage.  But, Jon and I live on opposite time schedules and we've managed.  Even if it did mean some nail polish on our toddler and our bathroom floor...

  We got the job done!  

Such goodness and there's still time this month for you to join in!  You really should!

That's a small portion of the BIG things that've happened in the last month and a half.  Of course there's plenty more, but I've got to get off the computer and on with life, as Jon'll be home from work in under an hour and, well, day 5 isn't done yet! ;-)

I'll leave you with my "gettin' ready" music for tonight.  Maybe it'll inspire you to go "gettin' busy"

These boys got me going when I was just starting to "get going"
Every time Jon sings this song, blood flows to important places
For slow, smooth Sunday Mornings
Discover each other.
You ever seen a 9 month pregnant woman and her husband "get down" to this song during a wedding reception? Bummer, shoulda' been there!
Yes, please
We fit well
Still get giddy

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