Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lockin her up.

Dreadlocking, anyway.  ;-)

So here's my little story...

I fell in love with dreadlocks probably the first time I saw them.  I don't really know exactly when it started but as far back as my teenage years I remember loving them.  I'd only seen them on a couple of black women and at the time so began my love of "black girl hair".  I wanted it.  I wanted locks.

A few years later I started noticing locks on white people.  Usually hippies.  That was cool, especially since I consider myself as part of that group o' folk.  But I didn't look into getting them.  Because regardless of what lifestyle I did live, I certainly didn't want people judging me in all sorts of ways based upon my hair.  Which is funny because I was always doing wild new things to my hair.  My BFF Tori and I were dying our hair at age 12.  We did all sorts of fun and wild things with our hairs.  I had black hair, green hair, multicolored hair, bleached hair, orange hair, and so the story goes.

Something about being judged as a pot-smoking, reggae-loving, dirty hippie just wasn't sitting well with me though.

Fast forward to February of last year:  I found my first blog.  Then my second blog.  Then my third blog.  I became a blog reader.  It just so happened to be that 2 of my first 3 blog subscriptions belonged to women with dreadlocks.  As time continued on, I found a couple other bloggers who had dreadlocks.  They all happened to be Moms.  Not only moms, but Moms who are incredible Moms, who inspire me, who teach me, who help me see my failures and help me acknowledge my potential.

It was this past year that I realized there are at least 4 Moms out there who are great and wonderful and not pot-smoking, reggae-loving, dirty hippies AND they have dreadlocks.

So I started considering it.  My interest wavered as I took it more seriously.  After all, I LOVE my hair.  Do I really want to not have it anymore?  Do I want to give up its soft, silky, straight smoothness?  For real?

 Big questions to answer.  I also asked Jon what he thought.  After all, he's the only hot guy I'm spending Sexperiment month with for the rest of my live-long-life.  He was honest with me and let me know it's not his favorite hair style and he is madly in love with my actual hair.  BUT, that he'd rather I do it and chance not loving it than not do it and always wonder.  He really is the greatest and I aim to not forget that.  Ever.

Finally a couple of months ago I decided for sure that I would do it.  It just so happened that blog number 2 writer moved a couple of hours from me.  I emailed her to see if she'd do mine and we exchanged a quick blip about it.  But neither of us followed up.  And as time went on I realized I wasn't actually into driving 2 hours, sitting for 4-8 hours of hair-doing, then driving another 2 hours home.  So, I let go of that idea.

I also decided they would be a reward for a weight loss goal I'd set.

I didn't hit the goal.  At all.  Now I've come to realize the reason for that was mainly lack of sleep and survival mode.  Regardless, I couldn't do them when I was supposed to because I hadn't accomplished what I was supposed to.

Then I went to Orlando.  And Christine RUBBED her hot-A dreadlocks all over my head . Okay, okay... it wasn't that elaborate...  But, they touched me.  And I haven't let go of their wonderfulness yet.

So last night after being impatient and looking up lots of information, I just started doing them myself.  I thought I was going to follow up with a friend to finish off parts of the back.  But after a couple locks were done I got all selfish with my bad self and decided this was between me, my head, and my commitment.  I've worked on them every spare moment I've had since last night and I'm almost done!  I only have a handful more to do and depending on how heavy my eyelids get I may get them done tonight.

One of the things I didn't know about locks until last night was that they don't appear right away.  :-/  It takes some time for them to tighten and "lock" up.  I thought I'd be pretty embarrassed out in public, after all I've never seen someone in the baby stage of dreads before.  I thought about making a sign or pin that would say "What's up with this? (arrow pointing up) Dreadlocks in the making."  But today we went out to eat with the in-laws (there needs to be a better word for that in our situation, cause it sounds so... courthouse-ish) and I was proud.  I kept thinking "yeah, see that natty mess??  AWESOME, HUH???"

Proud.  Of my little nest of hair all over my head.  So excited.

For years when I see a head of locks something takes me over.  I am SO INTO THEM.

And now, I'm a brand-new owner of exactly what I want.

Talk about manifestation.  I'll apply that in many areas of life.

I own what I want.  I am what I like.  I have what I need.  I love who loves me.


  1. I had goosebumps while reading this entire thing. And I am loving your video too. But most of all I'm loving this vision I'm having of you - empowered, strong, courageous, full of heart and life and soul.

    You are amazing.


  2. Can't wait to see the finished locks! I'm so excited for you!

  3. Your hair is so pretty it will look gorgeous no matter what you do. Unless you shave it off. Then it will still look gorgeous on the floor.
    I love your determination!