Friday, August 5, 2011

Pudding like diarrhea

YEAH!  That's the exciting Google search of the week that brought someone to my blog.

I definitely hope they're feeling better, though, and that's for real.  Diarrhea sucks.  When it's comparable to pudding, which should be a delightful treat, it's even worse.

Dear person who's pooping like pudding,
I really, REALLY hope your tummy is feeling better.  I also hope you had a moment to sneak around this blog and found something that was fun and entertaining while you were in your suffering.  Or, as my improv director likes to say, it doesn't have to be funny.  Maybe someone could actually stretch or grow from what we do.

Yes, that please.

So, I like stretching and growing, ya know.  I joined Hannah Marcotti's Joy Up a few days ago.  I'd been thinking about it for some time, but I was hesitant.  Mainly because when I first heard of her it was before a fall cleanse.  So I tried the cleanse.  Remember?  Didn't go so well.  Not because of her, her method, or her intent.  I just was NOT prepared or invested.

So anyway, I hesitated on this Joy Up, with memories of my big giant fail.  A friend/mentor/pal from my first Visionary Mom team put something on her FB wall about it on the first day and said it was the first day and rockin.  I decided to go for it then.  I'm a day behind the rest of the group, because I wanted to get the full 10 days and decided to start the next morning.

I also decided, for myself, that I'd give up FB while I did it.  Cause I'm an addict.  :-D  I know that if I want to experience more JOY then I have to get offline more.  I can't get completely offline since that's where my business is and my bestest tribe of women, from my second Visionary Mom team.  But WOW!  It's been nice not getting on Facebook.  Really nice!  The first day was actually difficult.  I removed the FB app from my phone to help me.

What I noticed, mostly, is that I *think in status updates*.  Ew.  And funny.  How many times throughout the first two days I thought "Put this on FB" was enlightening?  Disturbing?  Something, anyway.  I realized that I experience things with my family -or in my life- and immediately think about sharing them.  Now sometimes that's a great thing.  I love spreading goodness and funniness and what's going on.

But I was taking myself away from the experiences too quickly.

Cheating myself and those around me.  In such a hurry to "spread the moment" to the "world" that I didn't allow myself to EXPERIENCE the moment with myself and those around me.  This is my absolute most favorite part of being off Facebook.  I'm slowing down with those who are here.  And I'm looking for experiences with THEM rather than looking to hear about everyone else's experiences online.  

Even writing this post, right now, I keep thinking...  "Is anyone going to read this?  I'm not posting it on FB.  Maybe it's pointless to write when I can't force it down anyone's throat."


So why do I write?? Because I like to share my thoughts.  Sometimes people will read what I write and they'll feel connection.  Sometimes they'll feel inspiration.  Sometimes frustration.  But the glory of being opinionated and trying my damndest to share those opinions respectfully is bringing about progression.  Whether y'all agree with me or not, thoughts provoke other thoughts.  And thought, insight, seeking is what makes people go forward.

No one can dispute our need, as a people, to move forward.  :-)  No one that I've known of anyway.  I guess there definitely are some.

So back to my stinkin point...

The Joy Up rocks!

I wake up each day and get a touch of feel-good!  I get something to focus on or to do or to think about.  And it's making big changes.  Hannah's hit this experience on the head!  I can't tell you what I've done each day because if you want to know, you need to follow her blog and join in the next one.  (I hope there will be a next one!)

But I'll tell you this:

Meditations that I can fit in my day!
Dance parties!
Rice noodles!



  1. Hey, I read it even though it's not on facebook!

  2. Facebook, schmacebook. I quit 200 blogs from my reader. (but not yours.. THAT is love!)