Saturday, November 6, 2010

You get what you ask for

it's up to you whether or not you'll accept it and what value you put on it.

The other day, in preparation for this cleanse I asked my Visionary Moms for any advice they had for me.  Again, this is my first time and I know at least one of them had done a cleanse before.  She said to make sure I have a solid reason why I'm doing it and stick with it, because when it gets hard I have to have that reason to fall back on.  My thought reaction to this, "Eh, it won't be that hard and I'm doing it cause...well, why not."  and I left it at that.

So, tonight after dinner (lentil soup) the kids wanted to have some oatmeal as well.  When I was mixing up that delicious honey and cinnamon with the warm gooeyness of oatmeal I lost my drive and ate a bit.  Then, I had the leftover crackers on the table (half eaten and a little gooey from Stori).  Then, I had a cookie.  And another cookie.  Then I said, well... that didn't work!

And you know what?  I'm not upset with myself, or angry, or sad, or disappointed, or negatively self-fulfilled.  I recognize it for what it was.  Something that I can't say I was fully driven to do.  Something I wasn't dedicated to.  Something that just plain and simply didn't happen right now.

I also have an awesome week of meals planned out that I'm so stoked to try, 'cause they're almost all new to me, woot!  But, I'm just not following the rules of the cleanse.

Sorry to disappoint, I know you were REALLY looking forward to seeing pictures of my poo. :-P

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