Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Cleanse Day 1

I've heard a lot of people doing "cleanses" either by barely eating anything or taking lots of supplements, or eating only a strict cleansing regimen diet, or by ingesting nothing other than lemon and cayenne water, or...  Ya know, lots of cleanses.  Frankly, I've been intrigued since the first I heard of it.  My whole life ebb and flows, it's the way I work.  I do then I rest, I buy things then I purge them, I clean a lot then I don't, and on and on.  So it only makes sense for me to do sporadic cleanses, yes?

So, I signed up to do this cleanse for the fall a couple of weeks ago and today it begins.  The past several days I've been on the brink of downright panic over having no cookies, no breads, no pastas, no BACON.  But, last night as my mind and my heart were preparing during slumber I dreamt of being done with my first day ad having found it was easy and felt good.  I'm crossing my fingers it goes that well.  :-)

I'm not going to tell you all of Hannah's secrets or instructions, because that's her information that she puts lots of hard work into and if you want to play, you ought to head over and sign up to play with us.  But, because this is my first-ever cleanse I do want to share a bit.  I intend to start my days before anyone else here in this casa and journal a bit about how it's going.  Because I'm not certain what all to expect, physically.  I'll be taking pictures of my face today, midway, and last day.  I'll also be taking pictures of my poo.  Mmhmm, I will be.  I probably won't share any of my pictures here though, so not to worry.  The only reason I might is if there's such an obvious and resounding difference in my skin or my beaming-full-happiness-and-joy level or if my poo takes an incredible journey toward beautiful poo.  I think I might share what I'm eating, too, and my take on it all.  I've spent an entire week looking up recipes of new things to try and by golly-cleansing or not-I think I've found some YUMMY stuff to eat!  xx <--that's me crossing my fingers.  Food is my vice, after all, and if I'm not enjoying it then there's just no point in life at all. :-P

I think the toughest thing will be seeing how the kiddos react to the meals.  I do have plans to offer them each meal I make for myself and Jon, but won't be forcing them into it.  If they find they're not satisfied then they'll have something different and that's okay.  Although, this isn't one of those crazy insane cleanses I mentioned above and so it's perfectly healthy and fulfilling for all of us to eat I can definitely see the kids getting tired of the different, sometimes weird, but mostly just different food.  Hopefully they'll be good sports about it, otherwise I'll be doing LOTS of cooking.  :-/

Anyway, I'm off now to start my day and I'm looking forward to experiencing this week of honoring my body with GOOD food.


  1. good luck with it.... the first 3 days were the hardest for me....I managed to do 11 days on my last fast... the crazy lemon cayenne

    I have actually been contemplating another, cause my tummy is feeling awful most of the time...
    I think I have an overload of candida... and I'm considering a complete fast from all sugar...
    though I am planning to wait to after the first of the year cause I think it'd be just too hard to do it during Thanksgiving and Christmas...

    I think that I will really struggle with that tho cause I really like my coffee and sweet tea...
    but I know I need to do something different cause I hate feeling so bad...I'm only in my 30's I shouldn't feel so bad yet.

    I'll be thinking of you.

    (and I really like reading your blog, keep posting!)

  2. Ehhem, where is the if you really knew me portion of the program? ;-)