Saturday, April 16, 2011

A bit of random for you

My dreadlocks are almost one month old!  I love, love, love them!!!

We got a new puppy and her name is Zoey.  I don't know a lot about dogs; I've been learning since we got Rootie, but I'm not a natural.  So, when she and Rootie started their domination dance a couple of days after we got her, I freaked!  BUT...  I got help from a good friend and a would-like-to-know-better-but-we-relate-online friend. :-)  Viola!  The dogs are great and get along well.  I actually enjoy them do their thing now, too.  It's cute.

I started trying my hand at macrobiotic eating with some really great help and am enjoying it, a LOT!  The food is SO good...everything I've made has been lovely.  I did dream of eating at a buffet last night, though, so...  I guess I'm missing some things. ;-)

I proofread an ebook for a friend and I did it to avoid doing the last part of my own business.  Because when I finish that last part I open up shop and can I tell you how many different fears I have!?!?!?  People are going to hate the pants and tell me I suck, people are going to love the pants and prove my self-doubt wrong; no one is going to order from me for a long time and I'll lose focus, people will be ordering super fast and I won't be able to keep up with demand; parents won't like the way the thighs fit, parents will LOVE the way the thighs fit; they're too expensive, they're not priced high enough for their value....


Anyway, I finished the ebook, which if I may tell you, is incredible!!  I kept getting sucked into the content and if you've ever proofread or edited anything before, you know that's a direct way to get diddly done.  ;-)  I got lots done, of course, and even impressed myself with my recall skills.  But it took a bit longer than it should have, because I kept READING it.  I can't wait to share it with you when the Author says "GO!".

My hubby got a vasectomy, because he's great and appreciates my need to get off of hormonal birth control.  Yes, I know there are other options and I've tried a couple, but Paragard broke my vagina and all of its contents and condoms aren't goodness for us. Anyway, he got the procedure done and the sedation they used didn't work on him...he was aware of everything that happened and remembers it all now.  We're going to keep this information in the forefront of our minds in case he ever needs full sedation.  A little scary to think he might be one of those people who can't be put to sleep.  So, the doctor let me watch the whole thing and it was really neat!

I have avoided doing the laundry for a whole week now.  Boo.  I usually do it twice a week so now I've got a thing FULL of dirty clothes that I just don't want to wash.  Guess I have to, huh?

I babysat a puppy today and that was fun.  Meanwhile another friend brought her dog to meet my dogs, because I *might* babysit hers while she goes out of town.  He's a boxer.  I love his face.  And he acts kind of special.  Awwww...  <3<3

I went to an improv jam last night with one of the local improv troupes.  I've always been into that sort of thing and curious if I would be good at it.  It looks so fun!  Anyway, I saw the ad for it while Jon and I were on a date Friday night and I asked the in-laws FOR THE FIRST TIME to watch the kiddos while I did something all for me.  YAY!  They said yes and I went.  And because it was only one day in advance I had no time to psyche myself out and choose to not go.

So I went.  It was in the basement of a biker bar.  Those of you who've known me longer than 4 years think that's no biggie and I was right at home.  Those of you who've only met me within the past 4 years think "What the hell would Shannon do in a biker bar?".   Well, lemme tell you...  I sat around, uncomfortably, by myself for 40 minutes or so while we waited for the downstairs to open up (there was a local BACA meeting going on before the improv jam).

We made our way downstairs and when there were no more biker chicks around intimidating me I introduced myself to the other improv folks and made myself at home.  We all had to get up and participate in the warm-up (I thought I'd watch for a while and decide if I wanted to join in, I was SO NERVOUS!) and it turned out to be very fun and shook the nerves right out!  I had a blast.


I got asked to join their group!!!!!

What the F!?!?  I know!!  I'm so crazy excited.  I had a blast and to know that I was THAT good at it, to boot!?!?  Wowzers.  There were 5 of us there that aren't part of the troupe and I still am shocked and STOKED that *I* got asked.  It's like getting a job you weren't going for, or scoring a part in a play when you didn't know you were auditioning.  I'm giddy.  Can you tell? :-P

So, I'm trying to get childcare worked out, as it's a weekly Monday practice.  The way everything else has lined up, though, I'm thinking this will work just fine.  One way or another, anyway.  ;-)

Super, super cool.  A couple of people kept making hemp references and either eyeing me or pointing at me, so after a while I just had to let everyone know that I appreciated it, but I don't smoke pot, so they could let that go.  It was kind of annoying and kind of flattering.


  1. Oh my head. This post makes me miss you like crazy cakes. I did have to laugh. "What the hell would Shannon do in a biker bar?" I was thinking.. tell them Corey said she can do whatever she wants, and ask for a ride?


  2. Awwww, shucks...

    Corey, you're the best!

    Wanna go to Orlando next year? Maybe early spring? ;-)

  3. You just always crack me up! You keep my on my toes and keep me guessing to what you'll get into next! Improv? I'm a singer/actor and that would scare me to death! Who knew you were so amazing? Oh, I know! Me, me, me!

  4. Your hair looks adorable! Good for you on the improv!! So brave!

    By the way, I have awarded you The Versatile Blogger award! See my blog for instructions if you accept!