Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dear Mr. President,

I'm breaking up with you.  I've been thinking about it for several weeks now and I feel official with it at this point.  While you haven't given me full disclosure, you have done a better job than many past presidents, so to show my appreciation for that I'll go ahead and explain my decision.

As is the case with any messy breakup, our problems originate with expectations I held from the beginning.  You see... I'm not a Democrat or a Republican.  I'm not a Tea-Party member or even an Independent.

I'm an American Citizen.  And I vote as such.  Depending on the problems-at-hand as well as moral beliefs I hold at all times I weigh my beliefs and desires and visions with those expressed by the people and amendments presented to me on my voting card.

So, long ago when you said you stand for justice and peace I believed you.  The way you presented yourself to us was inspiring.  You were not aggressive; you rarely shamed your opponents.  You seemed to come across as a man who lives(d) with integrity and I admire that.  At the end of the day, I want to have a belief in my democratic leaders to be who they say they are.  I held that expectation of you, sir.  Which is why I am so very hurt now.

I'm crushed.  By your participation in the conflict in Libya.  Crushed.

I'll elaborate...

In the last presidential election, there were a few key issues at hand.  1.Economy. 2.War in Iraq and beginning of war in Afghanistan. 3.Healthcare.

No candidate was in line with how I feel on all 3 of these issues, so I had to pick what was most important to me.  And it came down to War.  After all, if we kill off all of our young men and women in war there will be no people who need healthcare or a job.

I voted to keep people alive.  I was under the impression that you wanted to streamline things in Afghanistan and get out of Iraq as quickly and safely as you could.  It it my very strong belief that an airplane ride home is quick and safe, but I get it... I'm not a member of the militia and therefore don't understand the specifics of war.  I don't care to, either.

If it were up to me, I'd have National Guard to restore wellness to areas affected by natural environmental occurances (other people call these natural disasters, but they're no disaster to nature.  They're only disastrous to us).  I suppose some sort of ARMY-type military is necessary for self preservation, but I don't think they need to step a foot off of our land.  After all, to defend means to protect one's self, not attack another...

But, I digress.

I voted for you, because your opposition, Mr. McCain was adamant on violence and his belief that it is a good way to find peace.  I just don't agree with that at all and chose against war.

Then you went and got in a fight.

I'm not attracted to -nor do I find security in- men who fight to prove their manliness.  I don't see "hero" in that behavior.  I see fear.  Fear of not being in control.  Fear of not being safe.  Fear of not being well.  That fear leads to attack.  It is an incredibly primitive behavior.

But we're no longer primates, so can't we move on?

I am ready for change.  I am ready for progress within our species.  But this is the same old story, just with a different "reasoning".

I beg and plead to be part of a country that doesn't go blow shit up every chance we get just because we can.  And I am praying, intending, and manifesting, with fervor, for leadership who will stand up for what is righteous.

And in my book, righteous includes not killing, not shaming, not attacking.

I just can no longer stand with you.


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  1. I can't say I ever believed him. I can say I'm sad to be proven right. :(