Thursday, May 27, 2010

The attachment challenge

I found a blogger who I LOVE to read a few weeks ago.  Most of you know that I have a difficult child.  None of you know what it's really like.  This woman does and I absolutely thrive when reading her posts, because I don't feel so alone.  Now, we don't actually know what it is with Zane, but I've got a pot full of ideas and it's probably a nice mixture of them all.  I got him "evaluated" shortly before he started Kindergarten, because I wanted to use whatever diagnosis they gave him in my favor and get him an IEP.  Since we went to a shitastic school that didn't happen and I completely disagree with his diagnosis of bipolar disorder.  The things Christine says about her children fit really well with Zane and it's really wonderful to feel included.

So what's my point?? :-)

She challenged me!  And I'm excited.  I'm PRETTY good about this stuff anyway, but she's given me a big challenge and I'm totally in and really stoked.  We've had a rough week adjusting to new time schedules and lack of constant engagement.  Zane always has a hard time with change, so while I've known this would happen it doesn't make it fun. Ever.  Tonight ended terribly and I participated in his fight and now I regret that.  But, you know... that's okay.  Shit happens and sometimes it gets on your foot.  I can stay still and let it get sticky or I can wipe that shit off and walk on.  I'll walk.  ;-)

So, I'm off now to make myself a chart to keep track of my progress and keep myself engaged in this challenge. I'll come back when I find my camera (!!!!) and take a picture of it to share it with you.


  1. Good luck with your challenge, Shannon. I am cheering for your success. :)