Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pudding without meat!?!?!?

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

Vegetarianize yourself! ;-)

Our family is going through transition.  Much like that during childbirth, this means an end to a period and a beginning to another.  A time of excitement, a time of fear.  A time of certainty, a time of disorientation.

We're preparing to unschool.  When I first read this word a few months ago, I thought I found a blogger who liked to play with words as much as I do.  I thought they were insinuating that they were going to un-learn what they learned during school.  I was hooked then.  :-D  But, now I know...  It is a form of non-schooling that gets me excited!!  We've been schooling our son, Zane for two school years and in 2.5 short weeks we'll be done with that for our foreseeable future.  I figured what better tool to watch it all unfold (particularly on days when I'm wondering WHY I'm doing this) than to set a space aside just for it and just for us.  After all, this nonsense of sleeping early to wake at 6am will be fading soon; as will the morning rush, the timed afternoon pickups, the weekly volunteering, etc, etc, etc which leads to my evenings of dazing out, rather than engaging myself.

While I follow the blogs of a couple of unschoolers and I've joined a local group of homeschoolers, to include, unschoolers, I've yet to watch anyone go through the process.  My hope here is to inspire any intrigued families, to show you the difficulties I encounter and the ways I solve them (or embrace them instead, for that matter!), or even to bring back fond memories for some who have gone through this process, and finally to document it for my own family and our nostalgic memories of the past, in the future.  ;-P

Here shortly, I'll include some links to my favorite unschoolers, but for now will leave you with this brilliant presentation from an impressive young lady.  While she is not speaking of unschooling, I received this message on a personal level as it has been a long standing belief of mine that children usually know more about LIFE than we do.    

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