Sunday, May 30, 2010

Attachment Challenge: Day 3

Whew!  I am WORN OUT!  We went to the local street fair held every Memorial Day weekend, Territory Days.  We usually go pretty quickly.  Our normal routine consists of come in, try to ride the mechanical bull but something's been wrong for the past 3 years, find the train and ride it, go get a turkey leg to share.  Sit and eat it. Paint faces, get a funnel cake, leave.  This year the grandparents came with and it was their first time, so there was a LOT more walking around involved, many more exciting things for the littles, and generally more just enjoying our time there.  We were there for almost 5 hours!!  TIRED...  Then, Jon and I had already planned out with his parents that they were going to watch the littles for us while we enjoyed ourselves a little date.  We were so tired afterward that it was almost hard to even have a date.  With ALL of that, we STILL managed to succeed with our challenge today.  (I'm about to fall over and not get up for a long time...)

I knew we had a busy day ahead so I started off with quite a few hugs (also kept true to my no talking until hug challenge.)  Gave a couple while we were at Territory Days, then had to push in an extra one during bedtime story.  Best part: Zane ASKED for one earlier in the day!  YAY!!!  He wanted a real, regular old hug.  Usually when he asks he's in his super-weird, uber-energetic, clingy-overload mood.  But, this time he just asked for one and we shared it and all was good.  I <3 that!!

Our 20 minutes playing Zane-chosen FUN was split into two parts.  Firstly, we played Wii for 10 minutes together.  Mario Bros, in case you were wondering...  He wasn't jumping around and being told not to, he wasn't kicking my butt adn throwing me off ledges or anything.  We just played.  That was also awesome! Later, he wanted to play pillow fight again and this time he didn't even get that anger-release face thing going on like he did yesterday.  We had a blast.  I lost, he lost, we both won.

AI-inducing FUN was even better!!  We played some thumb war, which was great.  We stared at each other while tossing a very small stuffed monkey into each others' laps and we did so much better.  He actually held eye contact for some time, too!  Finally, we did the slap hands game thing that I brought up yesterday and he even did better with that.  I think I explained it a little better to him, too so that helped.

Again, I'm EXHAUSTED!!!  I'm also really really glad today went so well.  Usually when we've got all that stuff going on and so much stimulation Zane has a meltdown at the end of the day.  Jon and I talked about that on our date today and got prepared for it.  It didn't happen.  I'm not sure why and while I'm grateful for it, it also scares me that maybe tomorrow will bring the meltdown??  I dunno.  But, we'll be BBQing at the in-laws so we'll see and I'll just be sure to set aside some of our special time for there and the evening again.  Maybe that helped...finishing the night with games AND THEN a story rather than the regular story.  Enough.  I'm tired!  :-)  

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