Monday, June 7, 2010

It's like diarrhea...

A friend-ish of mine said that to me a few months back when we were talking about my anxiety at the time and how I was going through some emotional turmoil.  Since I was "in it" I found it frightening to think that it may not fade away.  She, like me, sees the world energetically and was giving me the reminder that all this was was a heavy energetic cleansing happening in me and that afterward I would feel so much better.  Like diarrhea.  Sucks when you're having it, but when it fades your body has been cleansed to a degree and you feel so much better after your body has fought off the cause of it.

The past couple of weeks have been like diarrhea with the food thing, the processing, the fits, etc.  Transition, ugh.  Anyhow, last night I realized that we have gotten off of our most successful path of guiding Zane which is our point system.  Now, I knew we had because at the end of school I brought it up to Jon and said we needed to come up with a whole new tally for the system now that school won't play a part in it (this would be happening even if we weren't transitioning to unschooling, just like our budget-it takes an evolutionary path.)  Well, we didn't do it, and we hadn't done it, and I just didn't want to do it by myself.  I like that a lot about Jon and me; we really like to be on the same page with parenting and the kids.  So, to do it myself just didn't feel okay and we both were avoiding it day in and day out.  We decided last night that we'd do it together and today we did.  I typed it up, printed it out, slipped it in a plastic cover that his school gave me an award in and called it DONE.  Whew!  Now, we observe it and decide over the next week or two if we need to make any adjustments in it.

The simple act of DOING it made me feel tons better.  Sharing it with Zane and discussing parts of it with him to get his input while we were doing it felt great.  Everyone checking it out at the end and agreeing that we were all happy with it made it done and I am glad.  Now I feel like I still have some direction in what we're doing and how we're managing every day life and I wonder if Zane has really gotten so used to it that he felt that too, as this was a pretty darn great day.

I had diarrhea in Target a few days ago and it wasn't nearly as comfortable as when I'm at home.  It's nice to have something familiar, especially when cleansing!  Now that we all have our familiar "bathroom" hopefully we can continue back to the way things have been here for months which was much more peaceful, a greater sense of partnership, and a bit of a closer bond.  Now that you know a bit about my digestion as of late I hope you sleep well.  ;-)

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