Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Attachment Challenge: Day 6 & update

Whew!  My intention was to do this daily, but that clearly didn't happen.  Life did though!  :-)  Monday, to put it simply, I was pooped.  The end of Memorial Day weekend and I was not about to sit here and type.  Tuesday, I was still pooped.  No other reason than that, but here's what's great.  We've completed everything on everyday except yesterday.  Yesterday was really really rough and when it was all said and done I missed two hugs.  Totally my fault, totally my doing.

To sum things up:  We've been doing lots of pillow fights, some sword fighting, lots of Jedi practicing with force pushing, force choking, etc.  We've played some Mario Bros Wii, we've read some books, we've played tag (and that, let me tell you, is a WORKOUT with a 7 year old boy for 20 minutes straight, whew!)  We've hugged and hugged and he's asked for a couple of those hugs.  Overall~it's been really nice to dedicate this time to him and to me.  It's obviously been kind of annoying to play the SAME thing day after day, but all's fair, right?

I was completely inspired and have decided one of the weekly assignments for Zane to do is send mail. :-) One of the things lost in school is connection. Even high-fives are restricted in a lot of schools, so clearly forming strong bonds between people isn't one of the priorities. I wasn't raised to keep in close contact with my distant family members, let alone friends, and I want to do the opposite for Zane. He has so much family everywhere and we have so many friends everywhere there's no reason for people to be left out just because they're not on Facebook or readers of my blog. So, every Wednesday SOMETHING must go out in the mail to someone we know. Period. Handwritten from Zane and decorated and happy! This week, we sent a quick note to Mamaw, as she was most recent to send a letter to him. Excuse the pennies on the envelope. That's my super-high-tech way of covering our addresses. At any rate, I look forward to doing this. Spreading happiness rocks!!

Thanks to wonderful grand (and great-grand) parents  our family's cost for an annual membership to the zoo has been reduced by 85%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The kids and I will be going tomorrow to get our membership and we'll have a first zoo lesson.  I'm really excited and couldn't possibly be more grateful for the help we've been given!

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